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Starring: Muriel Bats
Direction: Rikkert Van Dijck
Script: Guy Bernaert
Language: Dutch with simultaneous translation to English and Spanish

After the presentation you are invited to join us for a reception.

WHEN: Sunday 13th October at 15:00hrs
PLACE: Hall Dom Helder Camara - Trade Union CSC/ACV - Rue Pletinckx 19, 1000 Bruxelles

On SUNDAY 13th OCTOBER 2019, FAIRWORK Belgium will organize a special presentation of the play IK GEEF NIET OP (I DON'T GIVE UP). The play is a monologue based in the EIGHT true stories included in our book ONZE (GE)RECHTEN, which was fully written by the ladies that participate in our empowerment project FAIRWORK Belgium for Domestic Workers. The book was published in 2013 with a second edition launched in 2019.

The play tells the story of Esmeralda, who has left Ecuador looking for a better future in Europe. She has a dream but the reality is completely different. She has worked hard for her integration, she learned the language. After a time she finds a work as domestic worker. With her limited income she supports her family back in her country and she fights adversities everyday with strength and optimism. She tries everything to gain a regular residence. Will she ever get fully accepted? Her dreams will come true?

This is a unique insight in the life of thousands of domestic workers without papers in Belgium. An encounter with de world of migrations. A difficult world. A daily fight to survive. Would you like to attend the presentation?

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