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Organisation for Undocumented Workers
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About OR.C.A.

The organisation for Undocumented Workers, or OR.C.A. in Dutch, was created in 2003. At that moment very little was known about the work situation of undocumented migrants. Undocumented workers rarely found their way to organisations that could defend their rights, such as the Trade Unions.

It was very clear though that these people did work, most often on a non-declared basis. There is no other way for undocumented migrant workers to survive and sustain their families.

Research also made clear that undocumented workers do possess a lot of workplace rights in Belgium. But because they are not aware of their rights, because they are afraid to be expelled from the country, or simply because they have no alternatives, these rights are in most cases not enforced in reality.

OR.C.A. wants to change this situation. We inform workers (and those who assist them) about their rights and assist them whenever they want to enforce their rights. We put the perspective of undocumented workers on the table whenever 'illegal work', 'labour migration', and other hot issues are discussed.


OR.C.A. is operational with a secretariat since 2005.