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Organisation for Undocumented Workers
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What we do

  • OR.C.A. informs through publications, workshops, this website,...
  • OR.C.A.’s helpdesk can be contacted by undocumented workers, their assistants and anyone else, for concrete advise or general information on the issue of undocumented workers.
  • OR.C.A. does awareness rising activities towards authorities, civil society and the general public.
  • OR.C.A. does advocacy work to improve the situation of undocumented workers and to create alternatives for their irregular employment.

When should you contact OR.C.A.?

If you are an undocumented worker and you:

  • would like more information about your rights and how you can exercise them
  • have a problem with your employer and do not know where to go 
  • want to exchange experiences with others 

If you are a social worker, volunteer, union representative, etc., and you:

  • would like more information about the legal and current status of undocumented workers in the Belgian labour market 
  • have a concrete question about labour rights and cannot find the answer
  • would like to organise an activity on the rights of undocumented workers 
  • would like to exchange experiences or cooperate with other people and organisations on this theme
Please note, OR.C.A.’s role is not to negotiate a contract on behalf of a worker and we CANNOT provide assistance to individuals looking for or offering work. All of the information that OR.C.A. receives regarding individual workers is treated as strictly confidential. OR.C.A. follows an ethical code, which can be found on our website.