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Guide to Rights

Are you staying in Belgium without a residence permit? Are you working for a Belgian or foreign boss? Do you want more information about your rights as a worker? Then this guide is for you.

Guide to Rights 2014!

Thanks to the support of the unions FGTB, ACV/CSC, CIRE and the Federal Migration Centre. OR.C.A. presents today an updated version of the Guide to Rights for Undocumented Workers (first published in 2006, second edition in 2009). It contains all the useful information and advice, improved thanks to the experience we managed to build in the past few years.

The Guide to Rights can be downloaded in four languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Arabic and Portugees) from this website, or ordered by sending a message to OR.C.A. Please mention clearly you address and the number of copies you whish (every copy contains the six languages). We will charge you the mailing costs though and 1 euro per guide. Contact us for more information.

The guide to rights will also be distributed by the Trade Unions, CIRE and the Federal Migration centre.