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Organisation for Undocumented Workers


All domestic workers have labour rights, also those who are undocumented. If your employer or somebody else tells you that you cannot receive the minimum wage or any other legal labour benefit, that’s not true!: you have the same labour rights just like any other worker.  And not only that… you can also file a complaint against your employer to the labour inspection without any risk for you!

As undocumented domestic worker:

  • You have to receive the corresponding minimum wage,
  • Your employer has to take out an insurance for you against work-related accidents
  • You have to receive compensation in case of a work-related accident
  • Etc…

If you are undocumented, you have the same rights as any other domestic worker. If you want to know what are your specific labour rights(minimum wage, holidays, transportation costs, etc.), click HERE. 


“Undocumented Workers: a guide to rights”

Also, don’t forget to read our publication “Undocumented Workers: A Guide to Rights”. There you will find your basic labour rights as undocumented worker and you will learn what can you do to defend yourself against abuse and exploitation. If you want to file a complaint against an abusive employer, this guide will teach you what kind of evidence you can use and it will clarify why it is not dangerous for you to file such a complaint.



This guide is available in: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Arabian and Portuguese.


Do you need help?
  • If your employer doesn’t respect your labour rights or you want to receive personal orientation, click here: Helpdesk
  • Don’t forget to check all the interesting publications we have made for you.


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