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Diplomatic Domestic Workers

A diplomatic domestic worker has the same labour rights as a domestic worker (click here to read more information regarding your minimum wage and other labour benefits).

There is however one exception:  you cannot use the Belgian social security system. Your healthcare expenses must be covered by the social security from the dispatching country or by a private insurer.

When you work for a diplomat you have to receive a contract written in French, Dutch, German or English and, if needed, in a language that you can understand. This contract should be sent, for approval, to the Protocol Department in the Federal Public Foreign Affairs Service where your hiring will be authorised. 

The contract of a diplomatic domestic worker must be based on the Belgian labour law, not on the law of any other country, and you have to be paid in Euros.

As a diplomatic domestic worker you will be provided with a special identity card, which is your temporary residence permit. Remember, you have to collect in person your identity card at the Protocol Department.


Special rules for a diplomatic domestic worker:

  • You will receive a special identity card (you won’t need a work permit)
  • You must be offered a full-time job
  • You must be given your own personal room that can be locked
  • Your health insurance will be paid by your employer and must cover all medical care (medicines, consultation and hospitalisation), invalidity and repatriation.
  • When your contract ends, you’ll have to return to your country of origin. If that’s the case your employer should pay for your travel expenses.


This is how the special identity card for diplomatic domestic workers looks like:









In case of conflict with your employer you can report this at the Protocol Department or at Labour Inspection (OR.C.A. can help you with it). You can also get in contact with the Commission for Good Practices that the labour inspection has created to solve conflicts between diplomats and their employees:



Although a diplomat has immunity, this is not absolute and it is only limited to his/her official duties as diplomat.



Protocol Department

Dienst Protocol/Direction du Protocole

FOD Buitenlandse zaken/SPF Affaires étrangères

Palais d’Egmont, Petit Sablon 8, 1000 Brussels


Labour inspection

Toezicht op de Sociale Wetten/Controle des Lois Sociales

Ernest Blerotstraat , 1070 Brussels

Tel. 02 235 54 01, Fax: 02 235 54 04



Do you need help?
  • If your employer doesn’t respect your labour rights or you want to receive personal orientation, click here: Helpdesk


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